Mechanical Acceptance Test Technicians… coming in 2016?

The 2013 Energy Building Codes require certified “Acceptance Test Technicians” (ATTs) approve and sign off for Lighting Controls and Mechanical in non-residential buildings.  The Mechanical ATT requirement was delayed pending approval of certification providers and a trained workforce of 300.

The CEC staff has studied the proposal from National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB).  NEBB’s model allows small HVAC contractors to train and certify workers to be ATTs on specific functions, instead of all 17 functions – many of which small contractors never perform.  This sounds like a good option for Northstate contractors.

Assuming NEBB gets approved to train and certify, expect a larger training provider to be approved as well, and 2016 will be the year Mechanical Acceptance Test Technicians will be required prior to certificate of occupancy.

Learn more about the Calif Energy Commission’s Acceptance Test Technician requirement here.

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