DIR suspends requirement to electronically upload Certified Payroll

The Compliance Monitoring Unit (CMU) of the Dept of Industrial Relations (DIR) will not require contractors to electronically upload their Certified Payroll Reports (CPRs) because of trouble making the software work for everyone.  If you want to upload it, go for it.  But it’s not a requirement until they fix the software.  Below is the notice from 1/21.  To go to the Public Works webpage, click here.


RE: Electronic Certified Payroll (eCPR) Reporting On Public Works Projects

Dear Interested Parties:

This notice is in response to the numerous inquiries DIR has received regarding the difficulty that many contractors and subcontractors are having with the eCPR requirements effective January 1, 2016. See Labor Code § 1771.4(a)(3).

Effective immediately, enforcement of the eCPR requirement is hereby temporarily stayed pending outreach, education and upgrades to the eCPR system that will allow contractors and subcontractors to more easily submit CPRs into DIR’s system. DIR is currently exploring an alternative reporting format that will facilitate compliance with the eCPR requirements for contractors and subcontractors that are having difficulty. DIR anticipates that the upgrades should be completed by June 2016.

This notice only applies to the obligation to submit CPRs into DIR’s eCPR system. Awarding bodies must still ensure that contractors and subcontractors are registered under DIR’s contractor registration system and in compliance with all other prevailing wage laws including, but not limited to, Labor Code section 1776 (Reporting of Certified Payroll Records).

This notice also does not affect the ability or obligation of labor compliance personnel, or rights of other interested parties, to request and obtain certified payroll records (hard copies in the absence of electronic records).


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