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To our Loyal Members,

Two years ago, a proposal was floated to the leadership of Builders Exchanges across California.  In order to provide our members with the absolute best services, we needed a new business model that would leverage our combined resources and experience and save money for both our members and our associations.

And so, the Sacramento Regional Builders Exchange; Bay Area Builders Exchange; Central California Builders Exchange; North Coast Builders Exchange and the Valley Contractors Exchange took up the challenge, and we formed the Federation of California Builders Exchanges (CalBX) to provide comprehensive, streamlined services for our collective memberships.  Among the first of these exciting new collaborative services is being launched today – our new Virtual Plan Room.

Our new plan room was designed BY construction professionals FOR construction professionals, and provides our members with powerful searching and tracking tools to identify the bidding opportunities you want most.  We have a selected a skilled team drawn from our local plan rooms to find you accurate and detailed information about construction opportunities across the entire state of California with no duplicate projects!

The Virtual Plan Room will see you all the way through the bid process from bid advertisement through contract award, so you can build projects instead of chase after them.  Through continued membership in your local Builders Exchanges’ you will reap even more benefits via our CalBX partnership.  We have already announced our workers’ compensation partnership, and will be bringing you more through our advocacy and safety education efforts in the near future.

So, welcome to CalBX and our new Virtual Plan Room!  Our name is our web address (www.calbx.com) and included in our phone number (844-99-CALBX) so it’s easy to remember.  Please call or Email us if you have any questions.  We are proud to represent you, and proud to serve California’s construction industry.  With CalBX, Building Success Begins Here!


The CalBX Board of Directors

Bay Area Builders Exchange
Nancy Brinkerhoff, Ironwood Commercial Builders
Scott P. Leary, BABX Executive DirectorBuilders Exchange of Stockton
Al Toccoli, Al Toccoli Construction
Mike Self, BES Executive Director

Central California Builders Exchange
Mike Schwan, Total Control
Hilary Rauch, CCBX Executive Director

Sacramento Regional Builders Exchange
Jack Shewmaker, Viking Construction Company
Timothy Murphy, SRBX Chief Operating OfficerNorth Coast Builders Exchange
Henry Beaumont, PCD
Keith Woods, NCBE Chief Executive Officer

Valley Contractors Exchange
Hank Lamon, Lamon Construction
Kate Leyden, VCE Executive Director

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