April 11 Meeting on 6′ Fall Protection Requirement; Applies to All Construction

The Cal/OSHA Standards Board Advisory Committee on fall protection revisions is meeting on April 11 in Sacramento.  The topic is the draft regulation change reducing the trigger height to 6′ for fall protection for all types of construction, with few exceptions.

This is the result of Federal OSHA demanding California bring our Fall Protection in line with Fed-OSHA requirements.  The name of the advisory committee is “Federal Fall Protection Trigger Heights for Residential Construction” but the current draft has gone beyond just residential.  It applies to ALL construction.

This will have a huge impact on the California construction industry.  Click here to read the meeting invite.  Click here to see who is on the Advisory CommitteeClick here to read the draft regulation.

Click here to go to the web page for the proposed rule.

CalBX is very concerned about this significant change.  We will be at the April 11 meeting and will keep you posted on developments.


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