SB 350 CEC Report: Bringing Energy Efficiency to Disadvantaged Communities

As required by SB 350 (2015), the California Energy Commission has released its draft report on how to overcome barriers to bringing energy efficiency to single and multi-family residents in disadvantaged communities is out for comment and adoption.

Why this matters to the construction industry:  Reducing GHGs and energy use is all about construction work.  Utilities like PG&E offer incentives to perform work like replacing HVAC units, installing insulation and cool roofs, performing weatherization improvements.  This is ideal niche work for small contractors and large energy-service contractors.  In addition, workforce training efforts to train new workers increase the pool of next-generation tradespeople.  Those workforce training entities receive funding from the state.

Disadvantaged communities are identified by the CalEPA CalEnvironScreen and comprise a wide swath of the Central Valley (Click for map).

The December 1 draft identifies recommendations and background information on how contractors may ultimately be able to install more energy efficiency measures and/or get training in the trades.  Comments are requested by December 8; the report will be reviewed for approval at the December 14 CEC Business meeting.  Click here to find the SB 350 Barriers report and announcements.

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