Adopted: Updated AB 758 Action Plan for Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings

Remember there is a legislative requirement that California have an action plan to retrofit all buildings for energy efficiency and reduced GHGs.  The legislation was passed in 2009.  After a ton of input from many interested parties, the 2015 Existing Buildings Energy Efficiency Action Plan was introduced.  The challenge of creating an action plan for the unique 58 counties of California – with various geography, climates, income, and workforce – is, well, challenging.

The Action Plan has been updated and adopted by the California Energy Commission (CEC).  Click here to see the update at the AB758 webpage.

As California propels toward net-zero energy buildings, the requirements for improved energy in existing buildings will zoom along too.  Contractors should see this plan as the road map for the next 5-10 years because in addition to citizen support, our regulators and legislators see this as the road map for the next 5-10 years.

There is enormous opportunity for contractors who choose to pursue energy efficiency retrofit work.

This is where the true definition of a “Skilled and Trained Workforce” rests.  Workers with updated skills applicable to their trade.  Specific niche certifications.  Code-savvy.  Knowledgeable in the latest products – and how to install and maintain them properly.  This is the 21st Century Construction Industry!

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