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About Us

The Federation of California Builders Exchanges (CalBX)

The Federation of California Builders Exchanges (CalBX) is a partnership of regional California builders exchanges committed to providing comprehensive and streamlined plan room services and other specific industry benefits to our collective members within our state’s increasingly complex and demanding business/regulatory climate.

The leadership of local builders’ exchanges had a vision.  To benefit their members, they wanted to capitalize on economics of scale so they came together to support a collaborative full-service, state-of-the-art, streamlined bidding service.  Embracing common goals and discarding old school territorial thinking, they knew together they would be stronger and better suited to serve their local members – those contractors and subcontractors who choose to bid, build and succeed in California.  Involvement in your local builders exchange will provide access to the CalBX programs and continue to offer professional peer networking opportunities and valuable member benefits uniquely tailored to each area.

For those outside the builders exchange regions, we offer a direct subscription that includes full access to Statewide jobs out to bid plus subscribers-only updates on legislation and regulations affecting the California contractor.

Welcome to CalBX.  We encourage you to give us a try!  The new Virtual Plan Room Network is one of the nation’s leading plan room providers and has partnered exclusively with CalBX.

Our purpose is simple.  To offer a one-stop shop to answer needs for new bidding opportunities and industry resources to help contractors thrive in our state.

Building Success Begins Here.