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Save time!  Everything you are looking for is in one place.  Scope, estimated amount, specs, blueprints, bidders list, results.  No more searching the internet or following links for documents or bid lists – we pull it all together for you.   Click here to see just some of the cool things you can do!

Work fast!  It’s easy to find the jobs you want and the information you need.  Set filters for job types, or keywords, or size.   You can even filter-out public works jobs.  Plus, with our special “Red Notes” section, we tell you what we know, when we know it.   Sign up for a free 3-day trial and see jobs bidding in the next 3 days!

Software meets service.  Not only is our software mobile-friendly and easy to use, our CalBX staff are friendly and smart.  And we’re right here in California.  Get the answers you need quickly, and get back to work.

Find a trade.  Whether you want to fill holes in your bids from subcontractors, or to connect with out-of-area contractors, the Virtual Plan Room Bidders Directory will surpass your needs.  Search for a contractor or supplier based on the trade, certifications or location of your project.  This unique resource is available to Virtual Plan Room users only.

Pricing that works.  We’re able to offer pricing that is much lower than national corporations because we’ve been your local Builders Exchange for over 100 years.   And we deliver top-of-the-line quality for that same reason.  We give you the edge you need at a price that works.

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