Q.  How can I get the documents on a job that bid a few months ago?
A.  Contact Virtual Plan Room staff and they will re-post the documents for you.  You can email or telephone the plan room direct (916-277-0772).  Including the job number will be helpful.   If you need more information on this, call our toll-free number and we’ll be happy to help.  844-99-CalBX (844-992-2529)

Q. I need bids on a construction job.  How do I get my job listed with CalBX?
A.  We make it easy for you!  Email our ‘plan room HQ’ (click here)  or call 916-277-0772 and we’ll walk you through it.

Q. How do I get listed, or make sure I’m listed, as a Prime Bidder or Sub-bidder on a job you are managing?
A. Get the best trades bids by being listed as a prime contractor!
First: Project owners want to know who is planning to bid their job as a Prime contractors. Often pre-qualification is required to bid as Prime. Prime contractors should always contact owners and be added to the bid list.

Second: We get our bid lists from the project owner a few days before the bid date. If you would like to be added to our bidders list sooner, and you are not a Virtual Plan Room Subscriber, send us an email and we’ll make sure you’re added! Please be sure to include your CSLB number, and the project name, city and bid date.

Click here to email your request to be added to a bidders list.

Still short on subs? Check out our Find a Contractor option.  (Requires that you have a subscription in order to use.)

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