Construction Safety

A culture of safety is a measure of your workers’ skill and craftsmanship.

Builders Exchanges provide FREE Construction Safety Information for members. Construction Safety posters, pamphlets, model programs and more are available.

If You Experience a Work Site Injury or Death

For accidents than involve serious injury, illness or death, report the accident to the closest Cal/OSHA Enforcement Unit within 8 hours. Report Immediately! Cal/OSHA now accepts email notification of a serious injury or death, send notification to You can also report on the Cal/OSHA website. Learn More

Heat Illness

Visit the Heat Illness web page
Heat Illness Prevention Plan

Useful Links for Construction Site Safety

Look up Title 8 Safety Requirements by Topic
Cal/OSHA (Division of Occupational Safety & Health) Services and Information
Recordkeeping Requirements Index for Cal/OSHA – This is a very useful subject index!
Cal/OSHA Consulting Unit
Injury Recordkeeping Requirements (Form 300, 300-A & 301)
Cal/OSHA Research & Education Publications
Conducting Effective Tailgate Training
Title 8 Index 


YouTube recording on “5 key Cal/OSHA Issues” from Conn Maciel Carey LLP.  California OHSA requirements differ from Federal OSHA, often significantly.  This 1 hour 22 minute webinar may save you a LOT of money in fines and loss of ability to bid.  Big thanks to Conn Maciel Carey for this vital information.

Fall Protection in Construction

In 2013, 302 California construction workers were killed from falls. Thousands more suffered serious injuries; many workers were permanently disabled. Training, assigning responsibility and holding workers and supervisors accountable is key to turning this around. Here are some resources for your IIPP, your safety workbook and your tailgate trainings, courtesy of Cal/OSHA.

Cal/OSHA Educational Materials

Fall Protection in Construction Factsheet
Guide for Working Safely with Supported Scaffolds
Roofing Safety Slips & Falls
Roofing Safety, General Requirements
Portable Ladder Safety eTool
Setting Up A Tailgate/Toolbox Safety Meeting

Consult with Cal/OSHA Consultation

You can trust them. Yes, really…
The Cal/OSHA Consultation Service provides assistance to employers and workers about workplace safety and health issues through on-site assistance, high hazard consultation and special emphasis programs, and develops educational materials on workplace safety and health topics.