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See a list of jobs out to bid

In order to assure the integrity of the CalBX project information, access to the specifics of the jobs is not publicly accessible.

What we do provide is a list of all jobs out to bid, listed by city, in a .pdf format. Take a look at the list and you’ll see our coverage is extensive!

See what’s out to bid as of June 1!

The real benefits of a CalBX subscription are in the software itself. General Contractors use the projects’ Visitors function to fill missing trades bids.  Subcontractors can trust the Bidders List information to ensure their bids are sent to the right people. Filtering allows subscribers to look at just the types of jobs they want.  See more about the Virtual Plan Room on our Online Training page.

Ask for a free trial and see how easy it is to search, filter and find what you need.  Give us a call toll-free at 844-99-CalBX (844-992-2529)